Here is few Printscreen of the screen Menu

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Main Screen


This is the Main Page of the system. When you toutch the screen, it bring you to Selection Page

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Selection Page

Here you have few differents choices

  • Making a shooter (1 ingredient dispensing)
  • Making a manual Recipe Cocktail (making your own recipe)
  • an automatic recipe cocktail (select recipe from database)
  • setting up your pumped Ingredients,
  • setting up the other ingredients you want to add as “available” in your database
  • Maintenance (to execute manual action and clean your system)
  • and the clock setting
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Single Shot Page


Very Simple! You Select the Ingredients your want and the QTY you want, you press GO and it’s done!

(Dont forget to place your jar under the nozzle First!)

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Manual Cocktail Page


Same as Single Shot but for multiple Ingredients to dispense your own recipe. You will also able to save your personal recipe inside your Database for future cocktail.

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Automatic Cocktails Page


When you selected the Automatic Recipe option, you have now to choose which recipe. You’ll able to make your search by cocktails recipe name, number, ingredients or random coccktail!

This Page also displayed how much cocktails recipe you can make with your available ingredients.

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Searching Keayboard


Standard Keayboard to make your search on screen!

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Results Page


This page display the results of your search

When the term is clear, less results will come out from the Database

1 to 27 results per page,  Next and Prev will show more results when it’s available!

You have to select which one you want to dispense to see the recipe

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Dispensing Page


Here is the final step, you see all ingredients of the selected recipe

Click GO to start Dispensing your cocktail!

QTY color = Yellow (Pumped Ingredient)  Green (Available Ingredient but not on Pumps)

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Bottles Settings Page


This page is where you will set your Available Bottles on your system

Part timer will be adjust with water at our factory for each pump, you can adjust it with specific bottle after

Price per oz could be add to calculate cost of cocktail

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Manual Actions Page


Here you can make manual Action like clearing your system for transportation or cleaning

A cleaning sequence page will be available to be easy to do Step by Step

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